June 2016

Enjoy watersport in Marbella?

The beautiful means it’s possible to enjoy a much greater range of activities without having to endure chilly and uncomfortable conditions. Marbella has a sweeping coastline stretching 17 miles of coastline with an impressive 24 beaches offering soft golden sands…

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Starlite Festival Marbella

Starlite surprises every year with unique fashion shows. Spanish top models Laura Sánchez, Malena Costa, Cristina Tossío and Verónica Blume have already walked down the Starlite´s catwalk. Elena Benarroch has also come to Starlite to celebrate her return to the catwalks with…

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Yacht sailing in Marbella

The playground of the rich and famous, Marbella is a place where there is something for everyone to enjoy. However, there is something rather special about being on a >yacht, being on the ocean waves and off the shore…even if…

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Marbella film festival

The Cannes Film Festival has the reputation of being the most glamorous event in the world but the jet-setting world of Marbella is certainly a close contender. With its yacht-lined harbour A-list celebrities and designer shops, Marbella has all the…

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