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Houses for sale Marbella

Apartment for sale Marbella or villa for sale Marbella, you have surely used those terms when looking for a property on your favourite part of the Spanish coast.  As you might have found out, it is a hard work finding that…

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energy certificate

Energetic Certificate in Spain Directive 2010/31/EU, May 19, on the energy efficiency of buildings, forces to issue a certificate in energy efficiency for buildings or units of these, which are constructed, sold or rented out. The date from which will…

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spanish property buyers guide

Interested in buying a property but have doubts about all the red tape involved? Just take a look at our “Buyer’s Guide” to find the answers to your questions, or send your personalized enquiries to Invest in Spain – Real…

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hitta mäklare i Spanien

Hitta mäklare i Spanien Alla fastighetsmäklare som annonserar spanska bostäder i Sverige på exempelvis Hemnet, är inte registrerade fastighetsmäklare i Spanien. När du väljer mäklare i Spanien skall du vara aktsam om att din mäklare har ansvarsförsäkring, Spanien och framförallt sydspanien,…

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